Let’s learn from a succesful online course creator!

This week on the blog I wanted to do something a little different and start highlighting successful online course creators that I know. So I approached a few different people and I’m excited to share with you over the new few weeks their perspective on what it’s like to build and run a successful online course business. 

So firstly, let me introduce you to Krystal Clark from Krystal Clark Creative.

Krystal is a Workflow Strategist, who helps you Organize Your Empire® through her Systems Setup for Service Providers and her membership Organize Your Empire®. I have been in Krystal’s sphere for a number of years, I’ve enjoyed watching her pivot and grow her business and have taken some of her courses and am currently in her OYE membership. She is a great human, who always overdelivers for her clients and students. I’m excited to share with you her perspective of growing an online membership.  

So let’s dive in! 

Q. Tell me a little bit about why you decided to launch a course?

I wanted to launch a course because I wanted all entrepreneurs to have access to the transforming power of systems and automation to save time so they can live life. Since I can’t work one-on-one with everyone, a course allows me to share my knowledge, skills, and expertise in an easy to implement format my students / members can use to organize the back office of their businesses.

Q. What’s the name of your course and how much is it?

I have an online membership called Organize Your Empire®, it’s currently USD $297/quarter. It’s an action-based membership community with a growing library of systems setup workshops, templates, accountability, and connection so you can organize your back office, manage your workload, and serve your clients with more ease.

Hi, lovely!

I’m Alethea & welcome to CloudXS Digital! We help coaches, consultants and service providers grow their impact online with beautiful, conversional, student focused online courses. We share lots of tips and tricks on our blog to help you get started with your online course. You can learn more about working with us to build your online course here.

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What did it cost you to build and launch your course and what would you do differently next time?

It cost me $10k to build.  I’d like to raise the price next time. I feel like give a lot of knowledge, templates, and time for what I charge for it.

It really is a great membership, with so many tools and templates, I definitely think you could charge more. Also love the quarterly pricing, it’s not something I see often, but I do think it works well in your membership scenario. – Alethea

What do you love the most about being an online course entrepreneur?

I love sharing innovative ways to use systems to save time as well as shortcuts to get things done productively. 

What one piece of advice would you give to budding online course entrepreneurs?

Create a clear outline or framework to teach from so you can easily organize your course materials and modules. 

This is such a great tip and something I recommend all my clients do, create a curriculum outline and work from that, it’s makes it so much easier when it comes time to piece everything together and make sure you’ve got all the learning types covered. – Alethea

What’s one thing you wish someone would have told you about about selling online courses?

It looks sexy but it’s not easy to launch courses and make thousands of dollars overnight. It takes planning, a targeted strategy, and you have to invest in systems.

100% agree! You really need to build your audience first so that you have people to sell too and then systems and funnels in place to continue to sell and grow. – Alethea

Connect with Krystal

Check out Krystal’s website here or her Organize Your Empire Membership here.

Connect with Krystal on Instragram here.

Want to build an online course or membership?

We’d love to help! Please get in touch if you’re ready to build a student focused online course or membership. 

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