Let’s learn from a succesful online course creator!

This week on the blog I want to introduce you to another Online Course Success Story! 

Melanie Miller from The Profit Lovers!

Melanie Miller is a straight talker and blunt business advice provider with over 20 years in business management, 12 years as a business strategist and coach to over 100 women and head Profit Lover of an amazing community of 10k+ profit lovin’ entrepreneurs. Melanie helps you create a Profitable, Liveable and Loveable business!

So let’s dive in! 

Q. Tell me a little bit about why you decided to launch a course?

I wanted to move away from the one on one work, it was becoming a little tiring and I wanted a way to coach more people at once. It can be challenging to have the headspace for multiple one on one clients, so being able to leverage my time and energy has been amazing.

Q. What’s the name of your course and how much is it?

The Profit Lovers Members Club is a hybird group coaching program with the focus on getting intentional about your business, setting goals that are meaningful to you and to create your roadmap to your first $100k in PROFIT! It consists of 6 profit focused workshops, co-working sessions, profit kits and access to me for group coaching. It’s currently priced at AUD $2750.

Hi, lovely!

I’m Alethea & welcome to CloudXS Digital! We help coaches, consultants and service providers grow their impact online with beautiful, conversional, student focused online courses. We share lots of tips and tricks on our blog to help you get started with your online course. You can learn more about working with us to build your online course here.

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What did it cost you to build and launch your course and what would you do differently next time?

I started building my course back in 2014 when none of the tools we have today existed. It was a tech nightmare trying to fit all the bits together to create an online course with sales funnel. I can’t pin point a number but I have probably wasted hundreds of hours of valuable time mucking about with the tech set up when I should outsourced that part and focused more on list building!

What do you love the most about being an online course entrepreneur?

Freedom!!! I love that I can work my own hours, I love mid day naps and long weekends. I love being able to change plans quickly and not have to sit at a desk 9-5 each day.

Yes! This is one of the most amazing things to have, once you have a successful course setup, you are in control of your time and when you work. Amazing! – Alethea

What one piece of advice would you give to budding online course entrepreneurs?

Spend your time connecting with people, building your email list and have a strong message for your brand. I wasted far too much time on the tech when that could have been outsourced, and instead I should have been showing up more and building community.

This is such a great tip and something I recommend all my clients do, focus on building your communit and your list, so that you have an engaged audience to sell to and outsource the rest. – Alethea

What’s one thing you wish someone would have told you about about selling online courses?

The most important part of the process is list building, having people to sell to when you’re ready to launch. I spent too much time perfecting content, fiddling about with fonts and colours and designing pretty images. My business would likely be triple what it is today had I have focused more on marketing and list building.

100% agree! You really need to build your audience so that you have people to sell to. – Alethea

Connect with Melanie

Check out Melanie’s website here or The Profit Lovers Members Club here.

Connect with Melanie on Instragram here.

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