Productivity Hacks For Your Online Business

With great freedom comes great responsibility…..okay I totally borrowed that line from a movie, but it really encompasses something that I think self employed people forget.

When you don’t have boss, deadlines, set lunch breaks and other freedom squashing rules that are associated with a typical job – you often can drop in productivity than someone who is employed.

Drunk with power and freedom you can easily get distracted by so many different business poisons such as tv, Facebook, domestic duties or even afternoon naps on the sofa.

So here are my top three productivity hacks for your online business to ensure that your momentum doesn’t falter!

1. Check Your Emails Twice A Day:

If you’re not careful you can literally spend 8 hours sending emails back and forth between clients, sales leads, customer service and research for other projects. Schedule in two times you will work on your emails (for example 8am and 3pm) where you will deal with the email once. Whether its create a task for your VA, schedule a phone meeting to prevent 10 emails back and forth or similar or schedule for actioning on a particular date.

2. Little Black Book Of Content:

Every time you come across something throughout your day that inspires you, you think your clients would love to know or learn or have a light bulb moment when you’re in the middle of a coaching session make a note in your LBBoC – this could just be a note on your smart phone. THEN when you are ready to create content you can go and review your ideas list and power through your posts, blogs and similar. You would be surprised how much time this saves as many of my clients often have content inspiration blocks and can waste many hours trying to think of interesting things to share and say. This way you can make the most of your hour to push out a weeks worth of content in one hit.

3. Reward Thyself:

Regularly schedule yourself a reward for completing a project. THAT way you can enjoy your gift to yourself without any guilt that you “should be working” and it inspires you to keep working harder and faster for the next win!


What do you do to make sure that your online biz stays on track? Let me know in the comments below so I can share your wisdom with my network.

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