Do You Leverage Your Biggest Asset?

As business women we’re used to having to do everything to get stuff done.

We don’t complain – just pull up our big girl pants and get moving with our to do list. Crossing things off, adding more. It’s a never-ending story.
Some of us put a hesitant toe in and hire a cleaner, a dog walker or an ironer. We think, “oh gosh what will people think, that I am lazy?” or feel guilty that we couldn’t cope doing it all on our own.

Until you experience the support and realise that you will never go back to doing it yourself! This support is far better because it gives you time to do the one thing that you can’t outsource.That’s being a mom and a partner.

Well the same applies to your business…..

You can never outsource your knowledge, your expertise, your intellectual property. That is; the stuff in your head that your clients are keen to have access to and your help to apply it to their own life and business.

No one will come up with valuable educational pieces as good as you and no one can mentor your clients like you do.

So what are you wasting time dabbling in graphics, leadpages, sales funnels and email campaigns?

I know it might be fun to play around or hard to let go as you’re so used to just getting on with it, but trust me – as someone who has seen time and time again women just like you eventually leverage their time and outsource the parts that they don’t need to do – their business soars.

They have the energy and time to dedicate growing their client base, having strategy calls and networking.

This is how each week should look for you:

Your job: Get your wisdom out of your head.

My (or your preferred communication designer) job:  Make it look spectacular as social media content, newsletters, eBooks and more.

Your job: Keep creating more wisdom.

My job: Elevate you through design.

What is the next thing you will outsource?



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