5 Productivity Tips for your Business

5 Productivity tips for your biz! 

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do in your business? You just don’t know where to start? I have soooo been there!

Here are my top tips to give overwhelm the boot!

Make a Plan

Plan out your day. Look at everything you need to get done and schedule the most important things to do first. Make sure you cross each item off as it gets done as the feeling of achievement will spur you on to do more.

Switch off Social Media

Unless you are a Social Media Manager (SMM), you really don’t need to be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter all – day – long. Even a SMM doesn’t need to be on there all the time. Don’t worry you won’t miss out, everyone’s posts will still be there when you login after you have done your work. Logout of the accounts or put the notifications on silent, so your phone/ webpage are not buzzing and interrupting your work.

Take a Break

Overwhelm creeping back in? Feeling stuck and not sure which task to do next? Walk away from the computer and have a 15-30 minute break, make a cuppa, go for a walk outside and just let yourself breathe for a minute. This will help clear your mind and when you return you will be able to focus on the next task you need to complete.

Plan to work in your ‘Productivity Zone’

Not sure what I mean by ‘Productivity Zone’? It is the time you feel most inspired / productive during the day. 9am-5pm doesn’t actually work for most people. I know I am productive in the mornings from about 7.30-11.30am and then I am productive again from about 5-pm at night. Everyone gets those little bursts of energy throughout the day so use them to your advantage.


If your to do list just keeps growing and you can’t get everything done, then delegate and outsource to a professional who can help and support your business. We all like to think we are super woman until we end up burnt out and grumpy (no one likes a grumpy woman!). But really no one person can do everything in business. Delegating and outsourcing really does benefit your whole business and life, you then get to focus on doing what you love and grow your awesome business.

Do you have a productivity tip that I haven’t listed here? I would love to hear, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a productive day!


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