3 Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

As a business owner you can become very overwhelmed with daily tasks and soon feel burnt out. What if I had a solution that would allow you to focus on what you are truly passionate about?

Here it is: Outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

So I hear you asking what is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant (VA for short) is a highly skilled professional who is self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical or creative (social) assistance to their clients from their remote home office. There are many reasons why you should hire a VA over a regular office assistant and here are my top 3 reasons:

1. You Save Money! 

When you hire an employee who is an admin assistant you will be paying an hourly wage, sick leave, holidays, retirement and health benefits, plus the cost of the items that person needs to complete their tasks. When you hire a virtual assistant they have their own office, and as they are contractors / freelancers / business owners themselves you do not need to worry about any employee benefits. You will also eliminate the training costs associated with hiring a new employee, as VA’s are professionals in their field who pay for their own training. Hiring a VA means paying only one fee for the work that is done.

2. You can Delegate!

You can delegate tasks to your virtual assistant which will free you up to work on growing your business and doing the things you love.  Don’t worry about supervising an employee simply send off the work to your virtual assistant along with the due date and just sit back and wait.

3. Save on Software!

 Because virtual assistants use their own software this means you don’t have to pay more money to purchase the software or spend time learning it or training your employees. This saves your more $$ and more time.

Virtual assistants are the way of the future in business. When you are ready to hire a VA; Cloud Executive Services offers native English speaking, highly skilled professionals who take pride in their work. We are ready to help you succeed! 


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