4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building an Online Business

Building an online business or trying to get it back on track? Ask yourself if you’ve made any of these crippling mistakes:

1) Waiting on delegating/hiring

When you’re first starting out, it makes sense that you won’t be able to afford hiring a virtual assistant or an employee right away. But as you grow your business, you will soon find that hiring someone who can work with you, who can take on the small tasks that are distracting you from the bigger picture of your business, don’t hesitate to look into finding that person. Think of it as an investment in your business that will allow it to grow bigger and faster than it would if you tried to do it all on your own.

2) Doubting your value

Inexperienced entrepreneurs have the tendency to under price their products or services. So many are working too hard for too little. Perhaps it’s because you don’t feel you have the credentials for what you want to do, or perhaps you’re comparing yourself to other people in your profession who seem to do everything better than you. Identify what it is that’s holding you back from accepting the appropriate payment for the value you give. Read books and listen to audios that help you think differently about your self-worth and your net-worth. Do a bit of research on how much other people in your line of work are pricing their work, and ask yourself whether your prices seem low compared to theirs. If you don’t learn how to charge what you’re worth, you’ll soon start to feel burnt out!

3) Not knowing your market

Don’t waste time in getting to know your market. This can feel like a difficult task. Most of us just want everyone and everybody to buy our product or service. But finding a niche is fundamental to your success. Find out who wants what you have to offer, find out how to reach them, and build relationships with them for optimum results!

4) Focusing on the little things

A mistake that everyone definitely makes is scrupulosity when it comes to our to-do lists full of tasks that must be done before we ever take our first step. Yes, do what is absolutely necessary, but don’t postpone your launch or your progress because you haven’t printed business cards yet, or built your website yet, or taken nice pictures for your Facebook page yet. Just get started. Everything else will somehow get done along the way. Some of those things might never get done, because you’ll realize they never needed to be.


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