Why Your Clients Love Your Competitor

Back in October I shared a post about How Do Giant Bloggers Do It and You Can Too, which had some positive feedback on how you can replicate their success. But I had a few coaches email me privately asking if I can help clarify what their business is lacking given that blogging isn’t their specific focus.

A version for coaches if you will.

Now I have worked within small coaching practices and I have worked with large well known coaching practices and there is definitely a difference in the methodology and where energy is spent.

– Successful coaching practices concentrate on documenting their intellectual property – and then selling/sharing it vs others who spend time designing social media content, googling YouTube videos on how to fix wordpress errors and similar.

– Successful coaching practices never stop marketing. Ever. When times are busy or tough – they either hustle or add to their team. They never tone back on the marketing component. Marketing is what fills their funnel with leads of new people they can help.

– Successful coaching practices are not afraid of sharing their wins vs those that feel it may be egotistical if they share testimonials or wins in their business.

These points ALL ensure that your client loves your competitor.

They love them because they are constantly coming up with new ideas AND sharing them to help their customers achieve success (IP), they see their happy positive selves all the time (marketing) and they have LOTS of social proof (wins) of others who have invested in their world and are reaping the rewards!

Sure there are other things to consider such as tight procedures which make working with them a breeze and the fact that they invest in their own education and business without fear of failure – but I truly believe spending time solving problems, marketing your solutions and sharing your testimonials are more powerful than people realise!

If you could change one thing in your coaching practice today – what would it be?


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