How Do Giant Bloggers Do It (& You Can Too)

We all have that one person we aspire to. They have the most amazing business that is thriving, looks gorgeous and people just seem to know the brand.
They are talked about in large forums and groups.

Their videos are watched and shared.

We want to have their success!

How do they do it? What are they doing different to you?

It all comes down to one thing.


The giant bloggers out there all have a detailed strategy that is being implemented by their team. A strategy to convert their blog into an income generating machine with sales on books, coaching calls and students into their online programs.

Desire the same results?

Here is how you can have the same momentum by building and implementing your OWN strategy:

1) Download my Marketing Planner Here

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2) Map out your theme for the month. What is your goal and what actions do you want your traffic to take when they arrive?

3) Brainstorm and diarise the content that you need to create and share to generate interest and curiosity from your community to take the desired actions.

4) Create your content – engage in the services of your team or contact me to see how we can help you implement your plan.

5) Schedule Your Content (or get me to do it for you)

6) Share Share Share (and throw in some paid advertising here and there to boost it along).

It seems simple and it certainly isn’t rocket science – but the key-missing factor from my bloggers and coaches when they first come to me is the lack of a consistent strategy being implemented.

Education marketing is haphazard at best and the momentum needed to become the best in the business isn’t realized.

They know they have amazing information in their head that their tribe will LOVE. It’s just a matter of getting out there for them to absorb and learn from.

If you need help at point 2 (the mapping part) book yourself into a launch strategy session here and I will help you fill your calendar ready for you to mark off and work though.

Lets remove overwhelm and take tons of action


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