Top 5 Tips To Boost Engagement & Reach On Your Facebook Page

You have put so much energy into building your Facebook Page and have a nice little group of fans, but every day less and less people are seeing your stuff!

The worst part is people LIKED your page because they were interested to follow your posts and learn more about your magic.

Here is the thing though! Given that Facebook is a social networking platform, its important to them that the core experience for individual users is social. If you think about it, you yourself have probably liked probably over 100 pages during your time in the blue world and if you saw ALL of the posts by all of these pages, the important stuff would be lost in a sea of commercial talk.

You would miss;
New engagements
New pregnancies
New jobs
Or even the chance to lend a virtual shoulder to cry on

It would feel like one advert after another and in the end you would log in less and less.

This is what Facebook are trying to avoid so they limit test your page content to see how interesting it is.

They share it with a small group of your fans and if no one interacts then they deem in uninteresting so don’t share it with the rest of your followers.

If people like, comment or share then they think “awesome – this stuff is popular, better share it with the rest of the fans!”

So the key here is to increase ENGAGEMENT to therefore increase reach. Here are my top 5 tips to get you traction.

1) Cut The Fluff: Get to the point of your post fast. People lose interest quickly, life is busy so unless you’re a great storyteller that draws people’s attention – make your point clear and precise.

2) Educate Educate Educate: Add value to your fans experience! Make 80% of your posts educational and 20% promotional. Teach them your magic. Show them cool stuff. Make them WANT to talk to you because you rock.

3) Be Authentic: Write in your own voice, use pictures of yourself instead of stock pictures and make it as human as possible. People buy people not brands.

4) Push Their Buttons: Its okay to be a little controversial. Stand up for what you believe in and bring up the touchy subjects that people shy away from – Facebook doesn’t rank whether engagement is positive or negative. All they want to see is that you inspired someone to respond to your post. If you have compelled them to put finger to keyboard then they will share your stuff!

5) Review Analytics: Check your analytics regularly to help ascertain when is the peak time your target audience are online so you can concentrate your content during those times. There is no point in sharing your best if everyone is asleep or stuck at work and by the time they get online their newsfeed is too long to go back 8 hours.

The most important thing to remember, as with any marketing strategy is consistency is king. You must be consistent in your efforts in order get momentum. Keep at it, engage in the services of support if you need it and keep helping your tribe!




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