A common mistake I see my clients do again and again

I wanted to talk to you about a common mistake I see my clients do again and again. I know this comes from fear around success or just procrastination but here is what they do.

They come to me and want to have their freebie or opt-in designed and an email funnel setup for them in MailChimp, Active Campaign or something similar. So we go about designing their gorgeous freebie, it gets done. They then either have their copy written or I write it for them for their email funnel, graphics are designed for sharing on social media and their landing page is also designed. Everything is setup and ready to go. And guess what? They never actually put it out there. They just spend all this time, effort and money setting up a gorgeous opt-in and email funnel and yet they never actually promote it. So if this is you reading this, here are my tips to get it out there asap!

Get your beautiful work out in to the world and grow your email list!

1. Link to your sign up page via the signup button on your Facebook business page.

I get 3 -5 signups on mine per week and I only have a small Facebook following. It really does work!

2. Post those beautiful graphics on your Facebook page!

Add in your copy, link to your landing page and then once posted pin this post to the top of your Facebook page. Again I get signups via this method each week as the first post new likers see is my opt-in. It gives them the experience to see the quality of my work and to hear from me.

3. Drop your signup link in all the FB groups on promo days!

Now don’t drop links where and when you’re not meant to promote, be nice about it. Offer value and on promo days promote the heck out of it! You will be surprised how many signups your get in a short amount of time.

4. Run a Facebook ad to your page audience or a specific target audience.

Running Facebook ads can really increase your email list quickly. You don’t need to spend a lot, start off little at $5-$10/day and focus in on your ideal client. Look at targeting pages where your clients are most likely to hangout or be engaged it. Don’t target large pages with huge fan bases as those leads will be expensive.


I used the above methods last month and added 141 subscribers to my list over a period of 3 weeks. Which I know isn’t huge, but it is pretty good as well. You may be reading this blog because I sent you an email about it, and you received the email because you opted –in. 🙂

If you are thinking “man, I really need to get this out there”, just do it!!! People need to see how awesome you are, get a taste for what working with you is like. People need what you are offering so don’t shy away from the world, get out there and be seen!

If you would like to check out last month’s Freebie my Content Planner, you can grab it here! If you have been thinking about getting your freebie and email series created, get in touch, would love to help you get your gifts out in to the world.

Let me know in the comments below, how your freebie is going, or any tips for sharing it that you have, I LOVE hearing from you xx


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