You’ve spent hours writing your copy, putting your Facebook Ad together, waited and waited, had a couple of bites, but no sales…sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone in the online marketing world. When you’re just starting out most sales funnels won’t work, they need lots of tweaking, but wait until at least 100 people have seen your offer. Analyse your click rates through Google Analytics or Facebook Ads Manager to see how many and what type of people took the first step in your enticing Facebook ad.

Here are 3 easy ways to improve your sales funnel


1. Research your target market and what they really want.

Who really is your target market?. Are they either professionals, corporates or mums and dads working from home? Do they want to know how you are going to solve the problem they have? Give them the ‘why’ you’re the best person compared to your competitors. You can do this research within Facebook Ads Manager itself. When setting up your ad narrow down your audience by age, gender, income, postcode, interests, what other Facebook pages they like (large and small) and use keywords that match their demographic.

2. Get constructive feedback on your copy and images.

You could ask friends or colleagues but a better option is to ask your audience what appeals to them first. Use your Social Media platforms to ask your existing audience what they are interested in and what would convert more by posting a question or quiz:

  • Which image makes you think xyz? – post 2 to choose from.
  • What do you need more; a, b or c? – post 3 products or services to choose from.

Not only will this help you decide the image that works and the product or service to use in the ad but also gives you more insight into the audience you should be appealing to. If you want to reach customers in the higher income bracket, use long-form text. However, if you want to appeal to a much larger broader audience, keep the copy short and concise. Images are key to getting people to want to know more, always choose high-quality images for your ads. Choosing the best image for your sales funnel is fun too!

2. Test different target audiences and adjust your offer

Create separate sales funnels for separate products, services and buyers. Your landing page is the most important part of the puzzle, get this wrong and people won’t move on to converting and buying. You have to sell them what they want as well as giving them what they need. Understand what your target audiences want and adjust your offer to make more conversions. Perform split testing on the length of your landing page to discover what’s converting and what’s not. Dayparting – adjusting the times and days to target your audience is useful. Some people are only online late in the evenings, whereas some are online before school starts. For example, mums might be online looking for meal prep ideas between 2-4pm, so if you provide a solution to their problem, use this time when targeting your ads & posts. Using different combinations of the days of the week to target your audience is trial and error as well, weekends may be better than weekdays and vice versa.

Don’t give up yet!

Don’t be disillusioned, you need to give it 1000% and try again and if it still doesn’t work try again. The digital marketing world is an ever-changing and evolving one, what works this month, may not work next month. It’s a juggle keeping up with all the changes and the platforms to use. If it all seems too much, it might be time to engage someone who really understands sales funnels to review and edit your ads or better still manage the whole process for you.  The team at CloudXS ensure your words of wisdom reach YOUR target audience.

Get in touch today. Alethea xo

Alethea Tuitahi, Communications Designer and Founder, Cloud Executive Services

Alethea takes your unique content and gives it a makeover so it’s as gorgeous as Blake Lively walking the red carpet and as powerful as The Rock in his last movie! She specializes in allowing course creators to deliver their course or program to the world… sans tech frustrations and problems. Need help building your online course? As a Thinkific specialist, Alethea is here to help! Book in a free call here.

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