Sales funnels – do you have one? Everyone is talking about them but not everyone knows what they are how how to best use them, in this blog I’m going to break down what a classic sales funnel looks like.

So what is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a systematic schedule of emails, highlighting products and promotions which leads a potential client through to the buying process.

A few more buzz words for you:

OTO: A OTO is a ‘one time offer’ that is time limited. Usually an upsell on the thank you page after downloading a freebie.

SLO funnel: A ‘self liquidating funnel’. A funnel that is automated and goes from freebie, to paid offer, to one time offer.

Conversion: When a potential client/lead signs on as client or purchases your product.

The classic sales funnel looks like this:

  • Potential client visits your landing page – either via paid or organic traffic.
  • They enter their details to download your lead magnet – normally a freebie you offer people in exchange for their details. A PDF download or video works well.
  • Your thank you page – there is a limited time promotion – discount course or business tool – that adds on additional learning/benefits to your freebie.
  • The potential client either purchases the promotion or closes the page.
  • The potential client will then receive a your scheduled emails – first with the freebie + purchase, then tips, tricks and soft upsells for your products/services.

Once it’s running you’ll have leads coming into your business and you then need to continue to nurture these leads. Communicating with them on a weekly or fortnightly basis should be a priority for marketing your business.

Being consistent in your marketing and emailing marketing is important. Communicating with potential clients is how you build a relationship with them, when they know you they will trust you!

Creating a sales funnel is like any part of marketing your business. If the first one doesn’t convert the leads to clients, tweak it. Look at your copy. Do more research to what your market wants. Test two sales funnels and see which one has a better conversion rate. Don’t be scared to change it up.

Are you using sales funnels in your business?

Alethea xx

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