If you’re not online, are you even in business?

The top 10 reasons why you need a website      


As a society, we’ve all adjusted to living in an online world. 

It’s commonplace for many of us to work virtually from home, to shop online, to communicate with our friends and family online and so on. 

So, as a business, let me ask you this – if your customers want credibility, will they even think you are a legit business if you can’t be found online? 

Ok, perhaps not every business needs a website or online presence (I’m thinking the little local milk bars here, or the local markets or plant sellers), but pretty much 99% of businesses gain their credibility and growth from being online. 

Why? Because it’s our human nature to Google first before we buy anything. 

Here’s an example. You’re looking to buy a new laptop. So, you jump online to find the best prices at the stores before you either buy it online or narrow down the shop you’re going to visit physically. It saves so much time if you’ve done some research online first. 

Websites are vital for helping people to find your business, convince them why they need you, and ultimately, make sales. 


Here are 10 reasons why every business should have a website

1. Credibility: A well presented and written website shows that you’re serious about your business and not treating it as a hobby. Depending on what you want your website to do (give information, have an online shop etc.), a designer can help you to create a fully functioning website, so you don’t have to deal with tech headaches. 


2. Trust factor: One of the best things you can have these days are testimonials or reviews. People trust people, and you’ll find that reviews are one of the first things people will read about you! Having relevant testimonials scattered throughout your website allows your audience to read about you from a customer perspective, which in turns builds trust.


3. Everything’s together: A website is the best place to showcase everything you offer. You can give potential customers more information on each service you offer, or set up an eCommerce shop to sell your products online. You can allow customers to make bookings directly from your website or to contact you using built-in forms. These contact forms can be directly linked to your CRM so you’ll capture information about each potential customer who contacts you. 


4. Image booster: Having a well-designed website with the wow factor is one way of boosting your business branding image. And yes, people will judge you on your website! How often have you been on a website, only to find it doesn’t function properly, or it’s hard on your eyes, so you flick off and keep searching? You want your website to get the right attention and boost your image as a well-presented business who takes pride in their appearance online. 


5. Lead generator: As mentioned earlier, you can set up your contact forms to link directly to your CRM. You can also offer free downloadables to capture their details too. When they have freely given you their details, you can then email them with offers and so on to nurture the customer buying stages. 


6. Showcase your products: A website is a space where you can showcase your beautiful products, using your brand colours and design so that your tribe are immediately attracted to them. Even if you usually sell or work with people in person, you still need to be online for people to find you. For example, if someone Googles, ‘Workshops on workplace relations’, you want to be found. Or if you’re running a brick and mortar store, you need to be online too with many people preferring this method of purchasing. 


7. A digital business card: To allow people to get to know you and connect with you, a website is a great first step. Here they can read more about you (on your about page), look at your testimonials, and see what you offer. From here, they can choose to contact you or to connect with you online. So make sure you have a functioning contact form and links that go through to your social media sites. 


8. Be found online: Your website (if built and written correctly) is your best weapon for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). When someone types into a Google search what they’re looking for, you want your website to come up on the first page (if you offer what they’ve searched for!). SEO is a massive beast with so many ranking factors, so making sure your website is well built and functioning goes a long way to please the Google gods. 


9. Global audience: Your website is not restricted to a physical location or time zone. If you sell products (whether they are physical products or items like online courses), your website is open 24/7, allowing people from around the world to access what you’re offering. Your website opens your business to a broader audience that you can tap into. 


10. Social media backup: It has been known for social media platforms to crash, or for the site’s administrators to take down your business. Although this isn’t overly common, it can happen. So, having a website is another avenue you can direct your customers too. It’s also highly recommended to use your socials to refer people to your website for more information. This not only increases your chances of sales but increases hits to your website – another SEO ranking factor.

Always design your website with your customer in mind

As with all marketing material, you should design your website with your customer in mind. Use your branding and your colour schemes and answer their questions. If you create landing pages, make sure they flow well and talk to your customer, not just promote what you’re offering. 

You should also be aware that many people will look at your website on different devices (laptops, computers, phones, tablets, etc.), so make sure you’ve optimised your website for all platforms. 

And finally, make sure your contact forms or booking forms work! Tech glitches can occasionally happen, so making sure your contact forms work is something you should keep on top of. You don’t want to lose leads after putting in so much work to create a beautiful website!

Do you need to build a website?

If you’re looking for a website to help you look uber professional, please check out our Website in a Box. It’s a plug-n-play, done for you WordPress website with the gorgeous Divi Theme, that will get you online and showcasing your talents, without needing to muck around and do it yourself. Plus we provide some handover training to get you up and running and so much more. Check it out! 

You can find more info on the CloudXS Digital website. Let’s get your website working for you, impressing customers and making sales.

You can see some of our Client Designs in our Portfolio page

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Alethea Tuitahi

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Alethea specialises in creating beautiful, conversional, student focusd online courses. Allowing course creators to deliver their course or program to the world… sans tech frustrations and problems. Need help building your online course? As a Thinkific specialist, Alethea is here to help! Book in a free call here.

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