Staying Healthy While Hustling in Your Biz

I know how hard it is when you are an entrepreneur, you are so focused on your business that you forget to priorities your health, well I know I do anyway. So I thought I would give you a few tips which I am actually doing myself, hope it might help you too!

1 . Schedule in your workout times.

You don’t cancel on your clients so don’t cancel on yourself! I have scheduled time with myself every morning at 6am to get up and do a 30min walk, if I can get this done 5 times each week, I am on my way to be healthier and happier.

2 . Cut out sugar!

Sugar really is a sweet poison, and there is so much information out now that backs this up. Switch out your sugar for Stevia and cut out all processed foods, cakes, bakery items etc. This will help your waistline like I know it will help mine!

3. Take time out

You are not superwoman! Don’t try to do everything and be everything to everyone! Outsource where you can in your life and in your business. I outsource my dinners (most nights) and often have a cleaner and also have an assistant to help me in my biz. You could try some of these, even if you think you can’t afford it; the time it frees up to focus on growing your business you will be able to afford it. Trust me. 🙂

4. Say No

Stop saying Yes to everyone! If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have too! Focus on making yourself happy and not everyone else.

5. Take some time each day to just be.

Even if it is 5 minutes a day, sit and be still, breathe and take a moment to relax. Maybe even try some meditation?

Well I hope these tips might help you, if you have any others I would love to hear them, please leave them in the comments below.





Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and this is not medical advice. These are simply tips that I myself use, and you use at your own risk.

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