How to write a killer blog post (Part 3 of 3)

Having a clear topic can help you come up with a basic structure for your blog posts, and having a basic structure helps you to keep on track when you write, so you stick to the point. A standard blog post formula goes as follows:

– Introduction
– Body
– Conclusion

The introduction of a blog post can be anywhere form 1 to 5 lines, their sole purpose being to give your reader a general idea of what they’re going to learn from your blog post. Sometimes I briefly mention each subtopic in my introduction, sometimes I don’t. Blogs aren’t’ academic papers; they allow for a great deal of flexibility.

The body is a detailed breakdown of your subtopics. Each subtopic is usually discussed in its own paragraph. You can format the body in the style of an ordinary essay, you can use bullet points and, or you can enumerate each subtopic. It’s up to you and the nature of your blog post.

The conclusion of your blog post is as much of a toss-up as your instruction in terms of how many sentences there should be, but even more so in how conclusive it can be. Sometimes, I might briefly recap what I discussed in the body or how my point was illustrated through evidence. Other times, I’ll just wish the reader luck and send them on their merry way, since they are now armed with the information they were in search of. In fact, I’ll do that now:

Hope you found this helpful! I’m sure these simple tips will get you the results you were looking for!


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