Why We Gravitate to Shimmer

Whether it is bronze, silver, gold, pearl (even that beautiful rosy tone) – one thing is certain, we love adding a touch of shimmer to our business!

Every day I see more and more female entrepreneurs integrating it into their branding and online content and there definitely doesn’t appear to any slow down any time soon.
So why are we gravitating to the shimmer?

For one thing it definitely ads dimension and texture to an otherwise flat image. Making it pop and stand out in a sea of colours – the ever-appealing shimmer is a great element you can integrate many ways into your business.

If you think about it, a touch of sparkle is often used to boost perceived value.  For example diamond or cubic zirconia studded jewellery, pearl phone cases of big known brands and even shimmery heels all give off the air that their product is worth more than their competitor; however at the end of the day all products would function just as effectively without it.

You see, value inherently is in the eye of the beholder and when you are a service based business we need to use every tool available to us to sway the perceived value of our customers to invest their time and money with you.
Here is the thing though – as a service based business the value you bring to someone’s world is so unique and directly linked to your expertise – that sometimes its only when you get their attention and have the opportunity to WOW them with your magic do they truly see your value.

How do we get their attention?

Well with inspirational quotes, amazing content, valuable free educational pieces mixed with a touch of shimmer my clients are attracting their potential customers attention more and more every day.

They know their customer likes to surround themselves with bling (even if its just the virtual kind) as it makes them feel special.  If you know what your customer likes and what attracts them then go ahead and add it to your branding soon so you can grab their attention too!

We are all attracted to different things – but one thing is for certain, there are very large number of people out there who love a little shimmer and if you are currently missing the wave, I highly recommend you jump on it before its too late.


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