Why I Never Delete People Off My List

I see this discussion in groups all the time.

You send a newsletter out to your database and only 10% of people open it and click on the link (according to the analytics).
Its frustrating and disheartening that you spend all this time crafting a beautiful piece only to have barely anyone read it!

So you start deleting people off you list. Clearly they’re not interested so why bother them with your stuff? You don’t want to be a pain….


You’re starting to reach the upper limit of your free email marketing platform and will need to start paying soon so you start deleting off people who don’t seem to be interested in your content.
Better to make space for someone who actually wants your stuff yes?

NO – stop!
Please don’t delete anyone off your list.

First off; the algorithms that track clicks and opens are not perfect. Sometimes they don’t register when someone opens/clicks. Sometimes if you don’t download a picture in your email it doesn’t register. Sometimes if you read in the preview pain, it doesn’t register – so you actually don’t know for sure if people are taking in your content or not.

BUT more importantly SOME people take time to build the courage to contact you for help.

They are scared, overwhelmed and nervous. Life is busy and stressful.
Every week your emails help keep their hope alive.

Every inbox brings them a smile.

I can’t tell you how many clients have signed up to work with me 6 months to a year after we met and it was only the newsletters that I sent that kept me in the forefront of their mind as they expert they need.

This is why I don’t delete people off my list. You never know when they will become a client and I don’t want to remove that opportunity from them because I assumed that they didn’t care.

If you have a list of people you’re falling behind in inspiring and education let me know and we can work out a plan to reconnect you with them.


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