The 5 Minute Newsletter Secret!

If finding the time to write your regular newsletter is proving to be difficult and just adding another stress to your ever growing to do list have I got the perfect secret for you today.

Given that you likely already know what you want to talk about to your fans AND that you already know your stuff (I mean its not like writing a paper where you have to research your content and get references) this trick is perfect for lady entrepreneurs just like you.

It’s about understanding that the power of newsletters is about connecting with your fans and giving them tons of value. It’s not about writing and rewriting the piece over and over again procrastinating on actually getting it out there.
So when you realise this all you need to do is talk.

That’s right talk your newsletter out.

Simply pop your hands free in your phone, open up a voice memo and say what you want your newsletter to talk about.
Then email it over to your support peep (or me if you are working without help) and they can transcribe, clean up, proof read and get it looking beautiful ready to share with your community.

It’s that simple!

You can record your newsletters whilst driving in the car, washing dishes, vacuuming or even whilst chopping veggies for dinner. Depending on how fast you talk (and how detailed the topic is) you may only be talking for 5-10min.

Your communication designer will ensure that it flows nicely and the best part of this strategy as the newsletter stays in your voice. It maintains your flavour and isn’t diluted by someone else writing it.

Ever since I started my clients on this technique they have been more excited to share their knowledge with the world. There is no more writers block or technology overwhelm and that is awesome.

If the next issue on your plate is what to actually TALK about I can help! Book yourself in here so we can plan out your next 3 newsletters and how to tie them into your current sales goals.

Talk soon!


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