Setting Goals for 2016

We’re about a week in, but it isn’t too late to set your goals for 2016 if you haven’t already!

At least, you should write out these two main goal categories: business goals and life goals. It’s recommended to have just a few big goals for the year, or several small ones that feed into one large goal. For example, small goals for your business this year could include learning how to use Snapchat, getting one of your articles published in the Huffington Post so that you can get more exposure, and redesigning your website so that it looks more professional. The large goal that all of that feeds into is “attract and retain 10 new clients.” Something that can help you to figure out your goals is to have a word of the year, by which you can align all of your goals and keep on track just by remembering a single word. A word that would correspond with the example used previously could be “growth”, or “success,” or “attract”.

Once you have your goals figured out, you need to outline what steps you need to take to accomplish them: ie.,  find out which social media expert can teach you about Snapchat; find out how other obscure writers have gotten their articles published; or start inquiring in entrepreneur Facebook groups to find an affordable website designer. One of your goals might even be to figure out the steps you need to take in the first place. One of your steps, then, might be to find a business coach who can point you in the right direction. You might find that you’ll need a new team member or a virtual assistant to help you accomplish some of the steps, or to take care of certain things while you work on the newer tasks.

Establishing your goals and your word of the year can save you a lot of trouble and confusion while you work on yourself and your business this year. Go into 2016 with a sense of purpose and direction by taking just a few minutes to get clear on what has to get done to make this year your best year yet!


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