How To Use Facebook Like Your Biggest Competitor

We all have that competitor that we watch and aspire to be like. They just seem to have so much momentum going that it seems to come to them so easily and quite frankly even though you feel like you’re pouring so much energy into your page it just isn’t working!

So I thought I would share with you their secrets so you can integrate them into your social media marketing plan.

First and foremost – they have strategy. If they have an event coming up they plan their content 6 weeks working backwards until the date of the event – always planting the seed and reinforcing the awesomeness of their event.

Depending on the business and where income is generated they understand their market and what drives them. Perhaps it’s a national holiday like Christmas, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving or similar. How can they capture that spirit and leverage it to their advantage.

They also understand that Facebook is just a platform to drive traffic to their website which is where all the power is. Whether its sign up for an opt in (and therefore get into their sales funnel), buy a product, schedule a strategy session or similar – they take advantage of the reach that Facebook allows them to have with some basic minimal investment and use it as a tool to help their website visitors take action on their soil (aka their website).

With all of this momentum you competitor goes hard. They share interesting and exciting content. Probably more than you do (ie once a day is not enough) and importantly they share consistently branded content. You recognize it straight away in your feed as it feels familiar.

Finally I think the one thing that probably sets your competitor apart from you is the fact that they delegate and outsource their marketing implementation. They concentrate on the areas of their expertise like coaching clients, or product creation rather implementing a plan.

So let me ask you – which of the above secret are you gong to begin implementing in your Facebook page?

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