Isn’t it always the way – those that have the skills don’t need them, and those that need them don’t have them!


Okay enough riddles – what I am going on about here is the fact that too many amazing women like you have big desires and dreams to get your business up and running fast and moving forward BUT you don’t have a willing teen to help you get over the first hurdle – the techy stuff.


Key word here is “willing” – because you and I both know that they KNOW how to do it, but getting them to show you patiently is a nightmare.

So how does one get around this problem?


Sure you can outsource it to an expert and get it done without you having to lift a finger BUT like I know many of you – you want to KNOW how to do it, you just need someone willing to teach you the ropes.



So you can practice and go at your own pace.

This is why I love online training so much. I can watch and re-watch training videos as many times as I like until I have mastered the new skill.

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But what about a plan? What should we be googling to find training on?


Well ultimately 99% of service based businesses like yourself will need:

  1. A website: So people can find you, learn about you and possibly even buy from you online.
  2. An Opt in: A digital gift they can get from you in exchange for being added to your newsletter list.
  3. Social Media: Various platforms to help people find out about what you do and eventually buy from you.

Yes there are other tools and technology we can learn to help us manage and deliver a more efficient service BUT to begin, the above shortlist is a good place to start!


Side note, did you know that I started my business whilst working full time! That’s right, through tons of trial and error I self-taught (just like you want to) by enrolling in courses how to create an online business. Not just the strategy but the technology as well.


I am grateful for what the internet has brought into my world – the chance to serve clients from around the globe and be at home with my family living the life that I’ve always wanted ?


So I want to share my gratitude with you – by offering you a FREE trial for my Startup Tech School where I have lots and lots of videos and resources to not only overcome steps 1, 2 and 3 but also future steps of 4, 5 and 6 (like creating and running webinars or even having an online calendar for clients to book appointments themselves!).


Sign up for the free trial here and take back control of your business without having to be at the mercy of the moody one ?


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