3 Internet Marketers to Watch I wanted to bring you a blog on the top internet marketers in the business, I feel we can all learn a lot from them, starting with this statement by John Berger:

“We need to get people excited or make them laugh. We need to make them angry rather than sad.” If we want our products/services/content to go viral, we need to strongly appeal to people’s emotions. These three master marketers exemplify this strategy in their own, unique ways:

  • Ramit Sethi

The author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich is well-known for his blunt mode of communication, both in his talks and in his copy. In a recent email sent out to his subscribers entitled “3 Simple Rules Ramit Lives By,” Sethi said, “Nobody is going to magically come down from the sky to give you the secret code to get your Dream Job at Google, learn how to get better with women, or grow your business.” Sethi is all-in on reality-checks. After painfully cutting your unrealistic expectations down to size, he inserts his offer, which, by the end of his email, looks to the reader to be a very feasible solution to their problems. He also inserts the name of his subscriber in the midsts of his email–not just at the start, which grabs your attention.

  • Marie Forleo

This business/life coach is one of the most colorful and goofy biz-ladies on the internet. She includes jokes, skits, dancing, costumes–you name it–in her “Q&A Tuesday” videos to excite and titillate her viewers, which not only catches their attention, but to holds it. Forleo says that “We make the mistake of searching ‘out there’ for the some secret ninja marketing tactic that all the big shots must be using. Something we don’t know about. Something we must not be aware of yet.” According to Marie Forleo, the best marketing strategy you can employ os the one you’re already using. The real problem is that you just aren’t using it enough. The solution isn’t to go out and find a new way to accomplish something; sometimes, the solutions is merely to get better at what we already have going for us!

  • Tai Lopez

He’s an investor who makes business and book-focused YouTube videos from his Hollywood home. He gets a lot ofhate in the form of comments and parodies, so he must be doing something right. Lopez uses his famous lamborghini, his enormous home, and his famous and talented friends to inspire people to strive for what he calls “the good life.” The viewers who love him for “showing off” are the ones that know he is trying to inspire them to strive for “ health, wealth, love, and happiness.” He is essentially constantly reminding his viewers of what they want, and he tells them how to get it.

Appeal to your target-market’s emotions. Make them feel something, even if it’s anger. You will catch interest. You will be remembered. You will become contagious!     


Keep an eye on these three, are you watching any others? Let me know in the comments below




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