10 Ways To Repurpose Your Social Media Graphics

We all love getting flowers – they’re beautiful, can brighten your mood, your home and just bring a bit of life into our worlds. But 2 weeks later and they’re in the bin, forgotten.

It’s why we sometimes tell our partner not to worry with flowers, yes we like them but it’s not worth the cost as they only last a short while.

We would rather something that can last a bit longer, get more use.

The same goes for Social Media images. I hear time and time again from coaches that they LOVE having their brand represented by something beautiful and appealing to their clients.

But in the fast paced world of social media, it’s more like 3 days and they’re forgotten.

So a client of mine and I decided to sit down and brainstorm all the ways we can repurpose her images over and over again so they bring value into her customers world AND into her business beyond the typical 3 days.

This is what we came up with!

– Instagram posts
– Facebook posts
– Tweets on Twitter
– Pinterest with links back to your site.
– Feature images on your blogs
– Transition Screens on your Youtube videos
– Printed cards to hand out at events (like I share here)
– Chapter breaks in your eBooks – a nice pop of inspiration and motivation!
– SMS the image to your VIP mentoring clients – another pop of inspiration direct into their hands.

Schedule to share again! 90 days later, new people have entered your world that missed your image the first time.

Using this list you can easily reuse your images time and time again, month in and month out.

All that effort you put into arranging your voice, your message into an image should be heard by as far as can you reach.  Trust me – someone needs to hear your message! 🙂

Let me know  if you need help sprucing up some old images so they’re ready to share in the new formats above!







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