Why consistency is the single most important thing

I think we as business owners sometimes underestimate the power of consistency. The actual benefits of being consistent in your business has to your bottom line is larger than you possibly realise.

So let’s explore this further so you too can implement change into your business and take advantage of this simple yet powerful tool to help convert fans into customers.

There are two elements of consistency I want to cover:

1. What does consistency look like in your business?
2. How does it benefit your bottom line?

First off what does it look like?

There are two elements of what consistency looks like. The physical and the behavioural.

Physically; consistency means that everything that represents your brand looks and feels the same. Everything that has your logo or is representing you has the same look and feel. It becomes easily recognizable at a glance in a sea of information.

That is your;

• Website
• Business cards
• Social media header pictures
• Social media graphics
• Marketing material
• Banners and posters
• Etc

This seems simple but you would be surprised how many people actually don’t follow through with this.

Different colours, fonts, and styles all mashed together. Just because your logo is in the corner of your design doesn’t make it consistent – you need to go a bit deeper to include all elements.

However behaviourally we’re talking about coming to expect (even if its on a subconscious level) some regularity in your behaviour. For example that we know we will see a daily post on Facebook, a weekly podcast, a monthly newsletter or similar.

Even your customer service process if you have regular buyers can have consistent processes that are followed each time.

Think like McDonalds. When you order a cheeseburger meal through drive through you know the process of ordering, paying and getting your food AND that its going to look and taste the same every single time. You know this because their process is consistent and the same every single time.

So how does this benefit your bottom line?

Well, if you want customers and clients to:

Invest in you
Buy again and again
Tell you to their friends
Be your champion
Tag you in social media call outs for help


They need to trust you.
Feel safe and secure
Feel like they will ALWAYS be taken care of (including their friends and family)

So, how do you build trust, feelings of safety and security?

By being consistent.

Consistently looking the same tells them that you’re professional.
Consistently sharing content tells them that you’re there for them.
Consistently adding value tells them that you’re the one they need to invest with.
Consistently delivering at a high level means that you are to be trusted.

This is the power of consistency AND this is why I love helping my clients ensuring everything they put into the world that represents their brand looks and feels the same.

Its not just about looking pretty (although is awesome too) it’s about building your bottom line and turning fans into long term customers.

Do you need help getting more fans or converting these fans?





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