When you run your own coaching business you might feel like you are all alone but using a team, will not only give you support but make your business grow as well!

Here are my top 5 tips to working with a team:

1. When working with a team communication is the key! I suggest setting out how you communicate in your team procedure guide which is given to new team members at the start of the relationship. I use and recommend using Slack. Slack has cut down the amount of emails I receive. It’s great for one to one team member communication and communicating with the whole team. Plus as it is free that’s a bonus!

2. If your team is spread out having regular zoom calls or a traditional phone call can help people feel connected as well. Whatever is your prefered way to communicate, let your team know!

3. When you work with a team it’s important that you have a way to communicate feedback and urgent deadlines so that everyone is on the same page. For deadlines and tasks I love Asana. We can communicate about tasks in the tasks list and it sends reminders of deadlines, which keeps everyone on track.

4. If you build your team of subcontractors you also needs to keep in mind that they also run their own businesses and have other clients and priorities than just you. But the respect should go both ways with them remembering you have a business as well, which is why setting out ways to communicate and how you work should be done right at the start of the relationship.

5. Running a business nor building a team is meant be a dream. You are dealing with different personalities and work styles and you need to give it time for it all to fall into place. But if you find it overwhelming, you’re not alone!! Have someone you can debrief with, a friend, college or a professional business coach. If needed review your systems, review your team. You need your processes to work for you and reduce your stress not add to it!

If you would love to have someone on hand for digital marketing, graphic design and more every month, get in touch – we’re here to help!

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