Having your own business can lead to a whole heap of new skills or it can mean challenging the skills we already have.

I love learning new programs and systems and finding ways to run by business smoother is an added bonus. I wanted to share with you some programs which save me time in by business especially as I grow.


When you are running a business you are going to meet lots of people, and receive a lot of business cards! But what are you going to do with them?

I find using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) a great tool for keeping my clients and my contacts/leads organised. Using a CRM system like Dubsado helps you manage your clients leads and contacts. I use Dubsado for my onboarding processes as first impressions matter! Dubsado also links with my bookkeeping system Quickbooks so I can send my invoices thought it without worrying about extra data entry. I also send my, contracts, proposals all in one go and helps you stand out from your competitors. I get so many compliments by using this system. You can check it out here.


Have you heard of Loom?

Loom is a screen and video recording program which is free to use, (always a bonus as a small business!) If you engage an assistant to help you in your business using Loom means you can record the screen for tasks you are outsourcing and provide verbal instructions on the task. This can save you time in training your new assistant and they can work through the video at their own speed, pausing it step by step as they learn the new skills.


As I’m working for multiple clients and on multiple projects at the same time, to do this successfully I need  to use a project management tool that will keep up with me.

A great project management system will keep on top of your clients projects, their coaching package, all their call details and more. I use and recommend Asana. It’s free and you can easily organise your clients, keep all their information and notes in the one place and once you get a team easily delegate tasks. I also use it to plan out my own business tasks, my courses and everything I need to get done in my business. Having it all in the one spot helps me stay organised.

I would love to hear what systems you use your business, share with me below!

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