3 things I do to stay organised in my online business

So this week I wanted to share how I stay organised in my online business. I know as your business grows it is hard to stay organised and keep everything on track and not get overwhelmed, so here are the 3 things I do to stay organised.

1. I use Asana.

In Asana I have a project setup for each one of my clients and within those projects I have tasks by due date. I invite all my team members into asana to either my workspace or the relevant projects so then I can allocate tasks to them. My clients also invite me into their asana workspaces so that they can allocate tasks to me. I use their phone app so that when I’m out and about I can still monitor the tasks and what’s happening with each project.

2. I also use a daily task list which my hubby suggested I do. 🙂

I write out all my tasks for the following day. The top has a list of stuff that has to be done plus the longer term projects that I can work on if I have time. This really helps with keeping my day on track and getting everything done.

3. My team.

My main assistant (my right hand) keeps me on track with everything in my own business. When I’m so busy with my clients work she’ll remind me that I need to do something in my business or she’ll just message me and let me know she’s done it, it really helps, I think I would be lost without her!

So those are the 3 things I do to keep organised in my business. I would love to know what you use, let me know in the comments below.


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