How To Know When You’re Ready To Level Up

I was recently introduced to a wonderful health coach who felt like her head was banging on a ceiling.

She just couldn’t seem to break through and level up – her income had stopped growing, her leads had stopped flowing and she was becoming really really tired (and it was impacting her clients experience).

So she was referred to me to see if I could help shed any light.

I instantly told her that she was ready to Level Up!

Curious – she naturally wanted to know more.

I explained to her that levelling up is about taking it up a notch. Working on the next income level (what ever that may look like to her) and increasing her fan base significantly. Charging more money. Leverage herself more than ever before. Helping more people.

Guess what – she looked scared and excited. Excited to be making more money for her family and helping more women on their health journey but scared on how was this even possible? She was already under the pump!
So I explained it a little further:

You know when you’re ready to level up when you:

– Are spending more time on non income generating activities than income generating activities (eg more time doing graphics than having sales conversations).

– You are loosing warm leads because its taking you too long to respond:

– You are getting tagged left right and centre on various Facebook groups asking for help but you can’t keep up.

– Exchanging time for money – and want to start selling value but not sure how.

My new found friend was nodding her head….this was all making sense. She was missing out on opportunities and realised that she was wasting a heck of a lot of time designing Instagram quotes (her particular achilles heel).

So we mapped out a plan on what she should be doing vs what needs to be done by someone else vs what we can stop wasting time on all together.

Her world is now full of clarity and renewed motivation. Plus her to do list is way way smaller.

At the end she told me I should share this with you – because many women may not realise that they are actually the bottleneck in their business. Their need to do everything has actually stopped them from growing – so I did. Just now.

Do you need help going through your to do list? Book in a call here.


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