How To Convert Frustration Into Education

Did you know that people are attracted to positive people?

Your customers want to invest and buy from someone who makes them FEEL good. Someone who educates them, teaches them, guides them and is an all round nice person.

But you and I both know that sometimes we have bad days.  No one is HAPPY 100% of the time.

We all have our frustrations whether it is technology not going our way, challenging clients or event misconceptions in the public arena about our industry.

This all make us want to vent. To get it off our chest and air it out. Unfortunately many of us use social media as platform to rant and rave and whinge – and we forget exactly who may be watching.

But what if we could turn that experience into a positive?

A lesson that we can share with our tribe?
Education is far more powerful in marketing than most people understand – it positions you as a knowledge powerhouse that is forever drawing people in.

I always say to my clients who are struggling for new content ideas – next time you see someone do something incorrect for their health, wealth or business (depending on what niche they are in) take note and pause.

Rather than vent and tell off on your wall – use this inspiration as an opportunity to educate your community on the right way.

Write about what they are doing wrong and how to fix it. Why is it happening? Where is the mistake stemming from? What results fixing it will bring to their world?

Because – chances are LOTS Of people are making the same mistakes and this is the perfect chance for you to show them that you don’t judge their error, but are here to help them grow and improve.

Talk about in podcasts, record a video blog, create some beautiful images to go with it and share your educational piece wherever you typically hang out.

Obviously keep it anonymous with no identifying facts – we’re not here to bully anyone, but to use their innocent mistake as an opportunity to help others.

In the words of Nelson Mandela….

Education Is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World.


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