A lot of the time our websites are the first impression our potential clients get of our business.

Designing a website can feel overwhelming but whether you do the website yourself or you outsource it, it’s really important that you put thought into the main features and information your website shares.

A great website doesn’t need to be 10 pages plus, I think some of the best websites are 5 pages as long as they include:

Home page – this will include a main sales message (normally a single sentence) and a welcome message (normally 1-3 paragraphs).    

About page – here you want to include your story. It is also a great idea to include a short professional bio as well.

Services page – on this page you want to have your main sales headline and sub headline with a sales message describing your services and how you help your ideal client.

Contact page – make sure you have a call to action to either book a call with you or submit a contact form.

Blog page – the home for your blogs or vlogs.

Each one of these pages has a clear purpose and you want to use the website to convert potential clients to signed up clients!

A must have for your website to convert clients is to include testimonials. Testimonials are social proof that you know what you are selling. If you don’t have testimonials, set up a feedback form and send it out to past & current clients.

Opt-in forms are now a staple on websites, but have you ever noticed where they are placed on websites? You want to keep them in the top half (above the fold) of the page so people see them before they scroll down.

Another important part of your website is the copy. Your clients are smart, they don’t need hyped up copy, they just want clear and compelling information about your services. If you aren’t confident with your words, find a copywriter who hears you, and who can speak in your voice.  

Do you have a website but wonder why it’s not converting? Do you have a call to action on your website? Is it clear? Try a different type/colour/size to see which performs best.

Another item to keep in mind is fast load times, fast load times are optimal for conversions!

Are you still feeling overwhelmed? Get  in touch with me via email or book  a FREE call here and let’s get your website converting.


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