When you are getting ready to launch your course, it’s always good to warm up your audience. Give them a little sneak peek of what you will be offering.

I think a great way to do this is with a 5 day challenge, so I wanted to share my tips for how to do it.

1. When running a challenge you want the theme to tie in to your course, you want the participants to love what they are learning and want to take it to the next level.

2. Promote your challenge! Use your Facebook cover image space, have boosted posts and share it in your closed facebook group. Having a closed facebook group for your warm market is a great way to market to them directly and then using it as a funnel into your course. Think about where your ideal participants are and promote it there.

3. When you launch your challenge you want to have daily emails going out. I suggest having your daily emails going out first thing in the morning at the same time, so that your audience has the full day to read and take action. These can easily be sent out using Active Campaign or Mailchimp, which are mass email programs.

4. In your daily email it is a great idea to have an action for your participants to work on. I suggest you make it a task which will only take 15-30 mins. This is long enough for them to really think about the task but not so long that it is overwhelming or takes over their day.

5. When running a 5 day challenge, commit to a set time to go Live in your group. Let everyone know what time this will be and stick to it. Plan what you will be discussing so that you cover everything. This is the challenge to show your potential clients who you are and how you work. Dress nicely, make sure your background is neat and not distracting, be in a quiet place, have good internet! Plan the lives so that you present yourself in the best way. Even if everyone in your closed group hasn’t signed up for the challenge doing the videos in there gives them a teaser of what more you can teach them.

6. Everyone loves a discount code! And your 5 day challenge participants should be your prime candidates for your course, so offer them a special code to sign up to your course. I suggest offering this on the 4th day, and having it valid only for a day or two after the course. You want it to be a limited offer and get them in whilst they are still excited from working with you.

Have you run a 5 day challenge before? Or is it something you are thinking about?

I would love to hear how it went, or what is holding you back! Let me know below.

Alethea xo

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