Getting a newsletter read is half the battle now days, but getting your information to stand out and make an impact is the next battle to be won.

With e-Newsletters you have so many options with what content you can include, you just need to decide what to use to reflect your business in the best light.

Highlighting your services:

Expert insight: Sharing information from another expect can help present you also as a leader in the industry. If you plan on sharing someone else’s content, depending on your history with the expert you could do some cross promotion between both of your newsletters. Even if you don’t cross promote, make sure you link back to the original author in your newsletter!

Video: A lot of newsletter content programs allow you to embed videos in to your newsletters so you can get your information across in a different manner. If you spend the time to make great quality videos, also make sure you include subtitles on them!

Keeping it fun:

Share a behind the scene/people behind the business: Sharing some personal snapshots can help you look more relatable and help potential clients click with you.

Having a regular non business post: keeping in line with your banding sharing a pop culture reference or historical “on this day” facts or a trivial fact can help you stand out for being creative and not always pushing your product/services in your newsletter.

Build connections:

Charity Support: If you partner with a charity, share it with your customers. You don’t need to say you donate X amount but tell them what you like about the charity and why your business has partnered with them.

Partnerships: If you have a client or know someone else in business who could be of benefit to your readers highlight them (with their permission of course!)

Your newsletter doesn’t always need to be solely promoting a service or your latest business win, use it as a change to open up to your clients and share something with them that they might not expect.

What gives your newsletter a point of difference? 

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