Do you see client love posts on social media and think to yourself ‘I want those for my business?’

I’m sure that your clients love you, even if they aren’t showing it, why else would they keep working with you?

If you want to tease a love song dedication out of them then you need to go above and beyond with the service you are providing.

What do I mean by this? Going above and beyond doesn’t need to cost money.

Share industry deals and promotions with them, even if its from other providers. Sharing resources helps build loyalty (crazy but true!) and trust with your client, as they know you are looking out for them.

Come up with new ideas for your clients and share it with them to help them achieve success. This shows your clients that you are invested in their business and are there to support them, even (especially) when those ideas are exciting and a little bit out there.

The good old, under promise over deliver effort. Set a realistic promise and then blow your clients away with what your provide.

Your vibe attracts your tribe: Be happy! Share a positive image of your business, no one wants to work with a grumpy coach!

Share social proof of your ability to deliver for your clients and this will attract more clients who will already be impressed with you.

Sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit of money 😉 send your clients a thank you, or working anniversary gift, know when their birthday is? Or maybe you know they are having a hard time. Receiving a little something in the mail that isn’t a bill can go a long way in reminding someone how awesome you are!

We all love referrals in business, so do you ever send referrals to your clients, or do you expect them to just be referring you? This is one thing I love to do for my clients.

How do you show your clients that you appreciate them?

Alethea xx

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