Do you ever look at other business websites or online presences and compare them to what you’re doing?

It’s a very human thing to do but don’t get caught up in the ‘successful’ image of how similar or bigger businesses than yours are portrayed online, it may be far from the truth, and it won’t be a reflection of you and your business if you try and copy them.

In the corporate world being authentic used to be seen as a weakness or not professional but in recent years, brands are starting to embrace authenticity.

M&M just took out the highest EmotionAll® score for engagement, attention and positive sentiment among customers in the Super Bowl 2019 ads. As reported on Search Engine Journal’s blog post you can see that being authentic doesn’t have to be sad and boring. Realeyes’ 2019 Super Bowl Effectiveness study which looked at the ad spot that extracted the most engagement, attention and positive sentiment among consumers has some interesting stats too.

Take a look at the video and see what you think, it relates to Mums all around the world that have kids that are fighting in the back seat of the car! 

Are you being authentic in your business?

When you’re planning your marketing strategy always remember to be your authentic self. Don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

Let people see who you really are

Sharing your hobbies and interests with your audience lets them in behind the scenes to your business and your life. When you’re out and about check-in at the local coffee shop on social media; post a photo of yourself at the sport you love or even a selfie from your desk!

Let them see WHAT you are like, and WHO you are!

Give them insight into your business

A quick and easy way to tell people what’s happening and how you can help them is to create a Facebook Live video.

Let your audience see what you’re working on and even the struggles you may be having and ask for their input. This allows them to see that even you get stuck for solutions and you value their suggestions. 

Don’t be scared to show your vulnerability on your business page. You don’t need to share your deepest darkest secrets but by sharing your experiences, real connections can be formed.

As a new mum myself, I know that my sleep deprived days will resonate with other mums on how hard it is to get work done at home when you have a newborn or toddler. We can share our experiences together.

TIPS: See how to set your space up and prepare your script before you start recording a Facebook Live video here.

Be your authentic self

When you want to be authentic, be true to your branding. You should be clear and honest. Don’t have your message look like it’s scripted and marketing driven. Be authentic and build relationships with your potential clients.

When did you last post something real on your social media or blog?

When you need help with your brand voice and marketing plan CloudXS can help you. Ready to chat? Book in a call today, we can’t wait to speak with you!

Alethea xx

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