Researching what online course platform to use?

Teachable vs Thinkific (and why we’re Thinkific fans)

If you’ve ever done any research into online course platforms, you’d know there’s a few out there, all with different costings and offerings. The two major players in the market are Thinkific and Teachable. 

Both of these online course platforms let you create, market and sell your course. But there are differences which we won’t delve into today. If you’re super curious, there’s a great article on the Thinkific website that compares the pair! 

As an online course creator, my personal choice is Thinkific. 

It has so many outstanding features that help you create an online course that students love. Your content not only looks fantastic online but is set out clearly, allowing students to follow your lesson plan easily.   


Thinkific is terrific for both online course creators and students

One of the things I love the most about Thinkific is how easy it to use. There are course templates already set up so you can quickly create courses. You can copy lessons between your courses, import quizzes, and create custom presentations and surveys to get feedback from your students. It’s also super handy that you can store and manage your videos through the in-built video library. 

As a student, they’ll love how well presented your course is. They’ll have secure social logins, receive your automated welcome and completion emails, have a full student dashboard with your member-only content and follow through your course in the order you want them too.

Want to take Thinkific for a test drive?

Join my FREE Thinkific Walkthrough Course. In this free mini course we show you how we build your online course, and you get to experience Thinkific from the student’s perspective.

Here are my top 6 reasons why I recommend Thinkific over Teachable

1. No transaction fees

The last thing you want is to lose money on transaction fees, especially if you’re selling a lower-end priced course. Teachable charges 5% on top of payment processing fees, whereas Thinkific waives these costs. 

2. Direct payment integration

Thinkific allows the course payments to go directly to your PayPal or Stripe account and don’t touch them at all. Teachable collect your payments, hold them, then pay them out. 

3. Easy site builder

Thinkific has an easy to use drag and drop site builder that allows you to build a beautiful website and landing pages for your course. They have multiple themes available that you can modify (fonts, images, etc.), unlike Teachable, who only have one default theme. You can also live preview your site while you’re building and editing it so you can see what your students will see as you’re creating your course. 

4. Free trial 

If you’re only getting started with online courses, and you’re not sure if they will suit your business, you’ll love that Thinkific offer a free trial. You’ll be able to create 1 course with unlimited students so you can test out your ideas before you commit to an ongoing subscription.  

5. Amazing support

When I started using Thinkific, one of the best things I found was the level of support you receive. Their support is available 7 days a week, and you can either call or email them. Teachable, on the other hand, only offer help if you’re on one of their higher-paying plans.

6. Expert help

Thinkific have what is known as the ‘Experts Marketplace’. These are individuals who have gone through an application process to be recommended as a Thinkific expert. In other words, they’ve done training, and they know the system inside and out. CloudXS Digital is one of these experts!

Are you ready to create and publish an online course?

Thinkific is the best online course program you will find on the market. Trust me on that one. All of my clients who have created courses love the platform. But please be advised that like all tech it can have glitches. 

And that’s where we come in as Thinkific experts. We know the tech glitches that can happen, and we know how to fix them. We build courses that, when handed over to you, are ready to go. 

If you’d like to see how Thinkific works, we’d love to invite you to join our Thinkific Walkthrough Course. This free course will show you how we build your online course on the Thinkific platform, giving you an insight into how the layout and lessons look, how the platform works and so on. 

Once you’ve seen how Thinkific works, I know you’re going to want to get your online course up and running asap, so check out how it all works today

If you have any questions or want to have a chat to us about how we can help you get your online course out to the marketplace, please visit our website, or email us at  

Alethea Tuitahi

Alethea Tuitahi

Online Course Designer & Founder


Alethea specialises in creating beautiful, conversional, student focusd online courses. Allowing course creators to deliver their course or program to the world… sans tech frustrations and problems. Need help building your online course? As a Thinkific specialist, Alethea is here to help! Book in a free call here.

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