We all love a good hack nowadays don’t we? But there are some hacks that don’t make it onto Pinterest though and I want to share a few with you…

Email Hack:
Last week I shared info about looking after your time, and how I only check my email twice a day. Some people found this crazy but it has many benefits. Set aside two blocks of 30 minutes a day to check your emails, be strict in what you read! Newsletters can be moved to a folder to be read later, check for client/project critical emails first, look for lead emails and then general emails. Having rules set up for your emails (or unsubscribing from emails you will never read) is working smarter, not harder!

Content Hack:
How often do you see something or think of something that you really want to share with your clients, or something that you want to research more into?

Set up a note in your phone or have a Word doc which is your Little Black Book Of Content. Make a note in the doc and then when you have time or are working on your content planning go back to your  Little Black Book Of Content and review your list. Who knows you might just have a month’s worth of content there just waiting for you!
If you’re more of an app lover, setup up an extension in your browser that will allow you to “clip” or “save” the URL and put it straight into a folder (or app) that you can refer to later. Did you know you can now organise all your saved links in Facebook into folders too?

You would be surprised how much time this saves, and it removes the dreaded writer’s block that can come with the NEEDING to have to write.

Reward Hack:
Now, you might think that baby brain has gotten to me on this one, but read on… When we reward ourselves and take some time to relax and refocus we work better. When you a complete a project treat yourself without feeling guilting about needing to work because you deserve to relax and recharge. Plan your next reward and use it as motivation to kick some amazing business goals! It could be a massage after a big project or even some trashy daytime TV after completing something you’ve been putting off.

How do you keep your business moving forward? I would love to hear your business hacks below!

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