If you are a business coach (hi!) I’m sure that you talk to your clients about goal setting and marketing goals and what they need to track in their business, but … Do you follow your own advice in your business? I’m going to take a guess at the answer 😉

Firstly let’s talk about Money….

Money can be a scary topic for business owners, but it’s a topic you need to think about. Even though you might not have gone into business to make millions, we all want and need our businesses to make money, otherwise we would work for someone else!

When you are thinking about cash flow you need to consider revenue goals vs personal income goals. Then think about how many clients you need or how many hours you need to work to cover those figures combined (income + business expenses + business savings + taxes). When you know how much money your business needs to make then you know what you need to focus on for marketing and it gives you data to track. So are you ready?


Have you got long term, intermediate (6 – 12 month) and short term goals for your business? Knowing what you want to achieve, means you can plan your marketing efficiently. Now is the perfect time to plan out your marketing for the financial year ahead.


Let’s think about your marketing. If your goal is to have 6 new clients a month then create your marketing plan to focus on those goals. How can you stand out from the sea of coaches? Use your use Unique Selling Proposition as a basis of your marketing plan, if you aren’t clear on what makes you different to other coaches then neither will your clients!

Just like your goals, your marketing has to be specific. Don’t waste time or money on marketing an unclear idea.

Tracking Your Numbers

When you launch your marketing plan with your goals in mind (business goals and financial goals) then you can start the financial year afresh with tracking your tribe and your numbers. Make sure you write these down! How many people are in your Facebook community? On all your social channels? Email list?  How does this years finances compare to last years? What was your most profitable product or service? What service was the most popular? By tracking your numbers it lets you see which things are working and what might need to be adjusted.

Are you nodding? You know this stuff don’t you! So let’s implement it in your business and help your business grow just like you help your clients!

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