Learning from others mistakes has really opened my eyes in building my online business. 

You know when you see a mistake, especially online, you almost cringe and think “how could they have done that?” then immediately after you think “what if I had done that?”.

Be prepared to fix your mistakes

Let me share with you 4 mistakes you don’t want to make!

1. Doubting your true value

How do you work out what your services are worth and what to charge? People will pay for your services when you present your knowledge in a confident manner. Tell them what your fees are and never discount.

Having a great website that sells you in your best light will really help with this.  If you look like a million dollars, your clients will pay it! Having said that, be ready to back up your claims with genuine results.

SERVICE FEES TIP: Decide what you need to earn in a year, think about your outgoings, choose a profit margin, your billable hours, then break that down to determine your hourly rate. There’s a clear explanation on how to calculate your worth here.

2. Not knowing your target market

Not knowing your market is an expensive mistake to make so make sure you do your research! What do your potential clients need? Who are they? Where are they? 

Here’s an exercise for you…. fill in the blanks:

I AM _____________

I PROVIDE _________________

FOR _______________________

SO THEY CAN ______________.

My example:

I am Alethea. I provide digital marketing, design and online course creation services to female coaches & consultants so they can focus on serving their clients and growing their business. 

Now you KNOW your target market and have a clear outline for all of your marketing exercises. It also ensures you know who you WANT to work with so you’re not making life difficult for yourself.

3. Waiting to expand your team

You might think it’s not worth having a team until you are a bigger business but having a team around you can help you grow into the big business you want to be! A virtual team is even better.

Having someone to help with your social media, a virtual receptionist, blog writer, bookkeeper or even a specialist to create your online course means you have time to work and grow your business rather than doing tasks that you aren’t as interested in or even particularly good at.

4. Focusing on only the little things

When we start out in business sometimes we think we need to have everything perfect but those “little details” don’t have to always be perfect. Don’t waste time or money on things which won’t matter if you launch your business with or without them.

This also takes me back to the first point, if there are things that need to be done but it doesn’t affect you being able to sell yourself, outsource it to another small business, or take on a team member to manage them for you.

Be like Elsa and “Let it go”!

Did you make any mistakes in business that others could learn from? What was the best piece of advice you were given when you were starting out? 

Now that you’re looking to expand your team CloudXS is here for you. Ready to chat?

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