Some things in life are meant to go together…

Some things in life are meant to go together…

Chocolate and strawberries, wine and cheese, lattes and chai…

You get the point, right? One without the other isn’t the perfect package, is it?

Yeah, they’re still good, but it’s the combo that creates the winning ‘mmm’ factor.

And it’s a bit like your biz.

You’ve got so many amazing parts, but you lack the know-how to bring it all together to have people drooling and wanting more.

That’s where the team from CloudXS Digital come in. Our bunch of tech-loving, design masters are here to help your business make an impact in the online world.

You’ve got the knowledge and content, and we’ve got the tech and design skills to create fantastic online courses & websites together. We’re the Lindt to your berries, the Shiraz to your brie, the coffee to your chai, the tech to your brain!

Ready to have some fun?

Alethea, Founder, Communication Designer & Online Course Creator


Super talented in transforming your unique content into works of art, I specialise in allowing course creators to deliver their material to the world…without tech frustrations and problems. With an eye for detail, I create website designs as glamourous as Blake Lively walking the red carpet, and a powerful as The Rock in his last movie!

My non-businessy loves:

My son Ari, My hubby Pasi, Chai Lattes, Downton Abbey, Camping, Coffee Dates, Good hair days, Essential Oils

Vickie, Project Manager & Course Creator


With many years’ experience in marketing, management and operations, you can trust me to help keep your website design project and online course creation on track. I’m a bit like the ringleader of the circus, making sure the show goes smoothly while ensuring you get exactly what you came to see (without the clowns though!). Aside from being the ringleader, I love to dig in and help our clients bring their work online through course creation.

My non-businessy loves:

My family, My Cavoodle Sunny, Books, Brunch dates with besties, Coffee, Essential Oils & Candles, Art, Wearing PJs

So, why should you work with glamour creators and tech nerds?


Collaboration | Honesty | Empowerment

Online courses are so hot right now! People are actively searching to upskill, and online course creators are lapping up the boom in sales.

So, let me ask you this – why should you miss out on this golden opportunity?

You can try and build your online course yourself; we don’t doubt that. But why muck around Googling how-to vids, burning your ears with tacky tech support on-hold music, and create a mediocre online course just to fit into the crowd?

Leave it all with your glamour team who’ll work their magic and before you know it, you’ll have a shiny new online course to bedazzle your learners!

Our end game is to help you gather all your knowledge and content and to produce an online course on a tech-friendly, gorgeously designed platform. We’ll also show you how you can up your game with impactful sales pages on sparkling websites your audience won’t be able to resist. 

Once you’re up and running, your online course will be a passive income earner.

A quick warning: online course creation is addictive, and you may not be able to stop at just one!


“Both Alethea & Vickie did an outstanding job of understanding my business, professional execution of packages, training and all with kindness, understanding and patience. A blessing to work with”.

Rachael – Soulscented

How CloudXS Digital came to life

CloudXS Digital, the love child of Alethea, came to life in 2015. After completing a diploma in business management and events, Alethea left the same old, same old corporate world knowing that the future lay in working for herself.

Building the biz from nothing, Alethea worked her butt off (just like all of us trying to run a biz and raise a family), and her reputation of being a stand-out website designer and online course creator grew. And so did her business, now working with a fabulous diverse team of women.

The passion the team has for helping other businesses to slay the online world and make more sales is evident with the calibre of clients they attract. Coaches and consultants who are experts in their fields, rely on the CloudXS Digital team to help take their biz to the next level online. They know what they want, but don’t have the tech skills or headspace to make it happen.

What do you need right now?

Online Course Design & Build

As a Thinkific expert, you can rest assured that your online course & academy set up will not only look amazing and enticing but be free of glitchy issues. You’ll love how gorgeous your branding and course content looks online, and so will your students. 

Canva Templates & More

Just need to add the finishing touches to your website, course or marketing plan? You’ll love our professionally designed Canva & Divi page templates. Or maybe you just need a little tech help? You can book a 1:1 tech consult all via our online shop.

Yes! I need this kind of online course love in my life.

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