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Do you want to create beautiful graphics for your new website?

Want to learn how to create gorgeous pdfs, slide decks and more?

Want to learn tips & tricks to create graphics like a pro?

For the next 15 minutes only, you can grab my DIY Canva course for only AUD $17!

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In this training we cover:

  • An overview of Canva
  • How to create a social media image
  • How to create a cover image
  • How to create a pdf eBook
  • How to create a slide deck
  • How to merge two pdfs
  • PLUS tips & tricks on creating gorgeous graphics

Hi, I’m Alethea!

Founder of Cloud Executive Services and a communications designer for savvy business women who are looking for designer graphics and systems that work beautifully together. I believe it’s never about just one element or the other. In today’s content saturated world, you need to have the total package if you’re going to get noticed.

Does this ring true? You’re an expert in your field, whether that’s coaching, strategy, or services. But you’re not a graphic designer or tech wizard. You’re beating yourself up for not having a beautiful website, yet you are able to coach someone to fix their mindset around money, or help them create a plan to get their biz in shape. Well, here’s a little secret – you don’t have to do it all, love!

That’s where I come in. I happen to have a skill set that includes both graphic design and systems/tech (yes, you read that right). You can take both those headaches off your to do list and get back to working with the peeps that need you most!

Learn how to create graphics, pdfs & slide decks like a pro! Only AUD $17!!

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