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A couple things to keep in mind prior to booking our call: I typically book projects a couple weeks in advance. Pricing depends on a few different elements, so after we discuss your project I will create your custom quote.

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“Both Alethea & Vickie did an outstanding job of understanding my business, professional execution of packages, training and all with kindness, understanding and patience. A blessing to work with”.

Rachael – Soulscented

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course setup process?

Our standard turnaround time is 4-6 weeks from receiving your course content. This will be confirmed with your proposal.

What do I need to have in place for you to build my online course?

You need to have your visual branding (logo, brand colours, fonts), your course content and landing page copy ready to go. Plus you will need a Thinkific account.

Will you help me write the copy for my landing page?

We have templates that we can give you to follow so that you can provide us with the right copy to use or we can refer you to a copywriter to write the copy for you.

Can you write my course content for me?

We don’t write your course content, as you’re the expert in your field so this needs to come from you. We can however create workbooks and slide decks from the content you provide.

Do you do videography or scripts?

We don’t do videography or video editing beyond adding intro and outro’s to video.  We also don’t write scripts for your course content. You will require a videographer / editor or instructional designer – depending on your needs.

How much are full course setups?

Full course setups on Thinkific start at $4,000 AUD and this depends on the number of modules and complexity of the course.

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