Proven ways to grow your visibility to sell your online course

There’s no point in creating an amazing online course if no one sees or finds it. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But you’d be surprised how many online course creators forget this vital aspect of their online course. 

Sure, if you’re lucky, people may accidentally stumble across your course online (heck, the Mona Lisa is only super famous as someone stole her…), but why wait for that to happen? 

You must be proactive and ramp up your online visibility to get your course in front of your audience. And trust us, they’ll want to learn about your new course.

As an online course creator, you’re likely to have designed your course to address a need of your audience (i.e. your course will solve their pain point). So, it’s time to tell them you’ve listened and have the perfect solution to their problem. 

You’ve put so much effort into creating your online course, so don’t be shy to get it out there. Honestly, it’s not a case of ‘Build it and they will come’. They won’t. 

Here’s how to grow your visibility to sell your online course. 

The top 11 ways to boost your visibility to sell your online course

1. Social media posts

Social media marketing is a total winner when it comes to promoting anything for your business. Create fun and intriguing posts, ensuring you’re talking directly to your intended audience. Tell them about your new course and how you’re solving one of their pain points. Always include a link to your landing page so they can sign up. Stories and reels work well too. Or you can collaborate with another business with a similar audience and hold a ‘story takeover’. 

2. eNewsletter

If you’ve got an existing database of interested people, send an email introducing your new course. If you need to grow your email list, create an opt-in (freebie) that people need to sign up to receive. You should make this related to your course (e.g. 1 free masterclass, a template etc.) as that list will be pure marketing gold when you promote your course (i.e. you already know they’re interested!).  

3. Word of mouth

Have a few trusted colleagues complete your online course. Ask them to tell their networks about it (pending they have your ideal audience) and to share it on their social platforms. As your course grows in popularity, you’ll find people will naturally refer others to your course. 

4. Facebook business groups

Keep an eye on Facebook business groups for people asking about online courses, and don’t be shy to post when appropriate. If you see businesses asking for guest speakers etc., and it’s in your line of interest, put your hand up to hold a free session in return for advertising your course at the end. Be creative and collaborative! 

5. Networking events 

The trick to successful networking is to attend events where you know your ideal audience will be hanging out. Don’t do the blatant selling of your course but start conversations with people. Ask them what they do, how their business is going and so on. When someone mentions a pain point you know your course covers, ask for their business card and follow up gently after the event, letting them know about your course.  

6. Pay for ads

If your budget allows, you can always bump up your landing page ranking by paying for ads on Google. Do a bit of research so you know what people would Google to find your type of course (e.g. ‘How to create an online course’), and make sure you include these keywords in your ad. 

7. Create a podcast (or be a guest)

People love podcasts. They’re super hot right now as busy people can pop earbuds in and listen to a podcast on the run. You can either create your own podcast, keeping it focused on your topic of expertise, or reach out to established podcasts (in your industry) and ask to be a guest. 

8. Write guest blogs

Guest blogging is a brilliant way to share your knowledge with a wider audience. Make sure the business you’re writing a guest blog for already attracts your ideal audience. There’s no point writing a blog for someone else if their audience isn’t who your course is designed for. Make sure you include a link to your course landing page in your bio. 

9. Advertise in business directories

There are a few business directories that you can join. You’ll find some are free and others have a small fee. Check out what you get with each directory listing and what you can include. Start with Digital Mums Directory or One Roof and search for more related to your industry. 

10. Release a mini course – a teaser

Don’t give away all your intel, but create a mini version of your longer course. This will help people see what you’re offering and get a teaser. Mini courses work well for people who aren’t sure if they’re ready to invest in you yet. If they love it, they can sign up for your whole course. If not, they haven’t spent too much money and will appreciate that (and you’ll weed out tyre kickers who are likely to ask for refunds). 

11. Offer a discount

Everyone loves a bargain! Offering a discount is a sure-fire way people will take note of your online course. When you launch, creating offers such as ‘Special Introductory Rate’, ‘First 20 students get 10% off’, etc., will help people want to jump on board quickly. As your course progresses, you can offer discounts to people who’ve worked with you, at different times of the year (e.g. EOFY, Christmas), birthday specials and so on. 

Ready to get your online course created and promoted?

At CloudXS Digital, we love Thinkific. It’s a super easy platform to use and will make your online course look amazing (and your students will love it). We can get everything set up for you, or if you attempt it yourself, you can always take advantage of our 1:1 training calls. 

To chat about getting your online course started, please feel free to get in touch.  

Online courses are one of the best things you can do to boost your authority in your industry. The biggest question is – are you ready to explore the possibilities?!

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