Systems and design…

Meant to be together

When something’s meant to be it just works. PB & J, wine and cheese, lattes and pumpkin spice…you get the point, right?


Have you ever thought about whether the designs you’re putting out to the world are a match for the content you create? Are they helping you sell or are they actually hurting your bottom line?

What about your systems? Are they driving sales or are they driving you mad?

If your communications and designs are out of alignment with your brand you could be missing out on some seriously awesome clients. Why? Because our brains make quick decisions about whether or not we like something (we’re talking about 3 seconds) and after that? Well, it’s hard to change the mind. (Sorry, but it’s science!)

Is it fair? Maybe not, but rather than try to change human psychology maybe it makes more sense to get your systems and design in tip top shape. #justathought

CloudXS is THE one-stop shop for sassy female entrepreneurs who want to jazz up their online image with to die-for graphics and design all while having everything running smoothly in the background.

And just who am I? I’m flattered you asked!

I’m Alethea – the communication designer for busy business babes who are doing great work in the world and want to show it off with the best face possible. Basically, I take your unique content and give it a makeover so it looks as gorgeous as Blake Lively walking the red carpet. I got started in this crazy communications world by working a dreaded corporate job for several years. Maybe you can relate. I realized if I wanted to get ahead and make a life for myself that was aligned with my passion and my desire to live a freedom lifestyle so I could take vacays when I wanted or just spend a day at home, I had to go out on my own.

It was a big decision, but I’m so glad I took the leap. It’s been over a year since I started and I’m doing what I love full time. If you’re here reading my page it’s probably because you took a similar risk on your own business. Maybe you’re a coach and set out to help people get their lives and businesses on track. Or, maybe you’re a strategist and geek out over marketing and sales. Whatever it is you do, you’re amazing at it, but just like anyone else, there’s probably some areas you aren’t super equipped to handle (don’t worry, I won’t tell the world you’re not Wonder Woman). If the idea of systems gives you a near heart attack, or if designing graphics leaves you feeling frustrated then we should talk!

So, what’s it like to work with me? I’d like to say fabulous of course, but who better to let you know than my happy clients…

Alethea is easy to work with, very creative and always willing to help! I couldn’t run my business without her! I adore Alethea!

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Dawn Sinkule

Virtual Point Solutions

I love working with Alethea. I can get on with doing the part of my business that I am trained in and let her do the parts that are time consuming or that I don’t understand. She has got a world of patience for someone who struggles with online marketing sometimes and is a pleasure to work with.

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Miranda Hall

Are you ready to take your business up a notch?

Oh, and in case you came here to learn about what I do when I’m not saving the world one graphic at a time, here are a few fun facts:

On the weekends you’ll find me chillaxing on the couch watching a period drama (who else is sad Downton Abbey has ended?!!), catching up with friends, or having lunch dates with my hubby.

I’m a recovering perfectionist who loves a good caramel latte, hokey pokey ice cream and beautiful home wares.

I studied Japanese at University, Mandarin at TAFE (I love languages), and have Diplomas in both Management and Events.